Adult Basic Education

(617) 657-5387 (HiSet)
(617) 657-5386 (ESOL)

Cities/Towns Served: Quincy and surrounding communities.

QCAP’s Adult Education & Workforce Development Programs give adults the chance to return to school to study for the HiSet High School Equivalency Assessment, to learn English and improve their literacy skills and to participate in Job Readiness skill building workshops.  Small group instruction and an individualized approach create a learning environment that is supportive and successful in assisting students to reach their goals. The program’s highly participatory learning process is enriched by students’ own life experiences. The Adult Ed. staff is committed to providing a supportive, caring setting that focuses on students’ strengths.

Current Offerings

QCAP ABE classes are open to adults who did not complete their High School Diploma.  ESOL classes are open to adults who need to improve their English language skills.  All classes are free of charge. Classes meet from September through June at locations in Quincy. Occassionally classes are offered in the summer. Students receive support from our Educational & Career Advisors to help them stay in class and complete their educational goals. Classes include:

  • ABE – (Adult Basic Education) For adults who want to improve their basic academic skills, including studies in reading, writing, mathematics, social studies and science. Class meets two evenings per week.
  • Pre-ASE - For adults who want to build their knowledge in the five test areas and improve their basic academic skills. Class meets two evenings per week.
  • ASE – (Adult Secondary Education) for adults who want to increase their knowledge of the five test areas and prepare to take the HiSET exam. Class meets two evenings per week.
  • Career Pathways – Introduction to Business Office Skills Training helps students develop skills needed in an office environment. Meets 2-3 times per week. Career Ready 101 helps students apply skills in Reading for Information, Locating Information, and Applied Mathematics to workplace contexts and also prepares students for National Career Ready Certificate (NCRC) exam. Meets one evening per week.
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) – For adults who want to learn to read, write and speak English. Three levels of instruction from Beginner to High Intermediate. Classes meet three mornings per week.