Financial REACH Center

617-479-8181 x355

Cities/Towns Served: Braintree, Milton, Quincy, Weymouth and surrounding South Shore, Norfolk County, and Metro Boston communities

QCAP’s Financial REACH Center endeavors to help clients increase net income, increase net worth and repair credit through bundled, comprehensive, integrated services. The first center of its kind on the South Shore, QCAP’S Financial REACH Center is aimed at creating more opportunities for local individuals and families to overcome poverty and achieve more stable financial futures. Research shows that individuals who benefit from this center-based approach are three to four times more likely to increase their income, net worth, or credit score. By using QCAP as a trusted resource, clients can improve their employment skills and financial knowledge and take steps toward realizing their goal of a more secure financial future.

Services include:

  • Financial education and coaching: Live on a budget, reduce debt, and build savings and assets for the future
  • Credit counseling and repair: Increase credit scores needed to obtain “good loans” and many jobs
  • Workforce development, education, and training: Gain basic skills and job skills to increase employability, income, and economic independence
  • Job search support and referrals: Get a job, start or advance on a career path
  • Free tax preparation and EITC support: Obtain and utilize tax refunds to achieve goals or invest in long-term assets (home, car, or education); Open late January through mid-April by appointment

News Release: QCAP, United Way launch Greater Quincy Financial REACH Center