Beth Ann Strollo, Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 617.657.5325
Email: bastrollo@qcap.org



Anna B. Slavin, Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 617.657.5330
Email: aslavin@qcap.org


Kristen Schlapp, Chief Operating Officer
Phone: 617.657.5374
Email: kschlapp@qcap.org


Sarah Holroyd, Director of Development & Marketing
Phone: 617.657.5308
Email: sholroyd@qcap.org


Christine Coyne, Program Director
Community Care for Kids
Phone: 617.657.5302
Email: ccoyne@qcap.org


Susan Keenan, Program Director
Facilities & Properties
Phone: 617.657.5313
Email: skeenan@qcap.org


Keather Reichel, Program Director
Head Start & Early Head Start
Phone: 617.249.2000
Email: kreichel@qcap.org


Lauren Rexford, Program Director
Energy Programs
Phone: 617.657.5317
Email: lrexford@qcap.org



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