Quincy Emergency Rental Assistance Fund

QCAP is partnering with Mayor Tom Koch, the City of Quincy’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund, and the Quincy Chamber of Commerce to provide funding to Quincy residents in need of housing assistance due to COVID-19.
QCAP’s distribution of the Quincy Emergency Rental Assistance Fund will benefit non-hospitality workers who are currently renting in Quincy and have been impacted by the economic shutdowns caused by the COVID-19 public health emergency. We are at the frontlines of responding to community needs during this unprecedented crisis, and are committed to providing quick and direct rental assistance to non-hospitality workers who rent in Quincy and are experiencing financial hardship. 
To qualify for Quincy Emergency Rental Assistance Fund assistance through QCAP, you must meet these guidelines:
  • You must be a non-hospitality worker
  • Must live and rent in Quincy (homeowners are not eligible for this fund)
  • Must be a full-time employee (prior to lay-off)
  • Proof of hardship (e.g., laid off, collecting payment)
If you meet these guidelines, please fill out and submit the application form below. Please be prepared to upload the following:
  • Copies/photos of last two pay stubs received
  • Proof of lease or rent (copy/photo of lease agreement or most recent check or PayPal/Venmo payment to landlord)
  • Proof of no more than $15,000 in liquid assets (copy/photo of most recent checking and savings bank statements)
  • Photo/copy of picture ID
Please call our dedicated Quincy Emergency Rental Assistance Fund phone line at 617-657-5377 should you have questions or need assistance with the form. 
If you work in the restaurant, hospitality, and food and beverage industries, refer to the Quincy Chamber of Commerce’s website for assistance.
If you are not eligible for assistance through the Quincy Emergency Rental Assistance Fund based on the requirements above but are in need of housing help, you may contact the Housing Department.

Please fill out and submit form to apply for the Quincy Emergency Rental Assistance Fund

Southwest Community Food Center remains open for residents in need. Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9:00-4:30, Wednesday 11:00-6:30. Call 617-471-0796.Click here for important COVID-19 Updates from QCAP (4/22/2020)